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Digital Marketing and the GDPR: Target Internet Podcast

Featured image: GDPR Interview written over hands typing - Read full post: Digital Marketing and the GDPR: Target Internet Podcast


Digital Marketing and the GDPR: Target Internet Podcast

One of the disciplines that can expose an organisation the most is marketing. With metrics for followers, fans and sign-ups being considered a demonstration of success, the need for effective data protection controls can be overlooked, and in some cases people are saying that they feel that the rules and regulations are too complicated, so best ignored.

But this way trouble lies, and we don’t want to see organisations get into trouble over data protection infringements, so we joined the Target Internet podcast for a quick chat about GDPR, data protection and digital marketing and we’d recommend a listen if you’re in this arena. It was a pretty wide-reaching conversation; Mike Morrissey, our founder and Chief Commercial Officer, has many years of experience and has helped many different types of organisations to ensure their marketing is ethical, legal and effective when it comes to protecting the rights of new and existing customers and supporters.

Aside from looking at some of the case studies of where brands haven’t got it right, some of the topics that we covered are

  • The issue of consent and the ‘can I get away with it’ thought process
  • Data processors – when you become one, what you’re liable for and what are the pitfalls to avoid
  • How to safely expand your contacts list
  • How privacy can increase brand loyalty
  • Whether there is an ICO target list
  • What you can do to prepare for the GDPR

You can listen for yourself from Target Internet’s website:

Alternatively, you can download it directly from here: