Solving data retention once and for all

Confidently decide how long to keep data

Knowing how long data needs to be retained and when it should be deleted, is not easy. Organisations usually face a host of, sometimes conflicting, country and sector-specific rules. Our integration with Filerskeepers will help you stay compliant with the various guidelines and regulations in over 220 countries.

Manage your Data Retention Obligations in one place

Search our database of over 210 thousand data retention obligations to quickly and easily build your own Data Retention Schedule. Save money on expensive legal bills by having all of the data you need at your fingertips.

Record on all aspects of your Data Retention Obligations

Record how long the data should be kept, where the data will be held, who will need to keep the data, what will need to be kept, how the data should be deleted at the end of the retention period, the legal reference or guidance, and so much more!

Filerskeepers and PrivacyEngine
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Solve the maze of record retention once and for all

PrivacyEngine have partnered with Filerskeepers to help you confidently decide how long you retain your data for, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations

"Reliable service, quick response to support cases, adapting the platform quickly to new privacy challenges. But the most valuable thing PE and people behind it, is the way of thinking, viewing and designing the solution. A design which make it easy to see all connections, easy to document and easy to demonstrate the compliance; PE makes DPO's life much easier, thank you PE!"
Anwar Sulaiman / Data Protection Lead - SAAB

Frequently Asked Questions

about Data Retention Software

What is Data Retention software?

Data Retention software refers to specialized tools that assist organizations in managing and enforcing their data retention policies. These policies dictate how long different types of data should be stored before being securely deleted or archived to comply with legal, regulatory, or internal requirements.

Why do businesses need Data Retention software?

Businesses need Data Retention software to ensure they retain data for the appropriate duration while adhering to relevant regulations. This software helps automate and track data retention periods, reducing the risk of unintentional data over-retention or premature deletion.

How does Data Retention software function?

Data Retention software typically enables organizations to set specific retention periods for various categories of data. It then automates the process of identifying data that has reached the end of its retention period and triggers actions such as deletion or archival. Some software also offers features for legal holds, ensuring data isn’t deleted when litigation is anticipated.

What are the advantages of using Data Retention software?

  • Using Data Retention software offers several advantages:
  • Compliance: It helps organizations comply with data retention regulations and avoid penalties for non-compliance.
  • Efficiency: The software automates the data retention process, saving time and reducing the chances of human error.
  • Risk Mitigation: Proper data retention reduces legal and security risks by ensuring data is kept only as long as necessary.
  • Resource Optimization: Unnecessary storage costs are minimized as data is retained for the appropriate duration and then properly managed.
  • Auditing: The software provides an audit trail, demonstrating adherence to data retention policies during regulatory audits or legal proceedings.

Is Data Retention software suitable for all types of data?

Yes, Data Retention software is designed to accommodate various types of data, including documents, emails, records, and more. It can be used for both structured and unstructured data, ensuring that all data subject to retention policies is managed effectively. However, organizations should customize the software to match their specific data retention requirements and regulatory obligations.

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