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The entire world of privacy, streamlined into one central location. Easily track general, regulator and fines news to ensure that you are on the cutting edge of whats happening in data privacy.

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Who has time to trawl through the entire world of data privacy news each morning? Set self tailored channels within PrivacyPulse to match your interests. Get rid of the noise, get straight to the point of what’s important to you and your organisation. You can also enable email alerts & notifications for new stories that matter most to you.

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Instantly summarise and share. We’ve integrated AI & PrivacyPulse. Found something important for you and your team? Have articles summarised for sharing. PrivacyPulse will even write the email draft or social media post for you to easily share internally or with your network and emails drafted to share valuable information internally or share with your network.

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Frequently asked questions

about PrivacyPulse

How does PrivacyPulse keep me updated on the latest data privacy and cybersecurity news?

PrivacyPulse provides instant access to the latest news in the world of Data Privacy & Cybersecurity as it happens. The platform tracks General, Regulator, and Fines news, ensuring that you never miss an important update again.

Can I customise the news channels to match my specific interests and preferences?

Yes, PrivacyPulse allows you to create channels based on your interests. You can tailor these channels to match what is important to you and your organisation. By doing so, you will receive email notifications whenever there is something new in your chosen channels, ensuring that you are always on top of the topics that interest you.

Does PrivacyPulse offer alerts for important updates related to my business and the companies I deal with?

Yes, PrivacyPulse provides alerts. You can receive notifications about your favourite interests as they happen, allowing you to stay informed about the companies your business deals with. This feature ensures that your company is in the best position moving forward by staying on top of what’s happening in the industry.

How does the AI-powered shareability feature work, and how can it benefit me and my team?

PrivacyPulse offers an AI-powered shareability feature. If you find something important for you and your team, the platform can synopsize articles and draft emails to share valuable information internally or with your network. This feature saves time and effort by simplifying the process of sharing relevant information with your colleagues and peers.

What sets PrivacyPulse apart from other platforms or sources for data privacy news, and how does it ensure that I receive only relevant and important news?

PrivacyPulse aims to address the common problem of missing out on relevant data privacy news. The platform ensures that you receive laser-focused and only relevant news by offering customisability and personalisation. Unlike other sources where relevant news can get lost due to distractions or being targeted with irrelevant news, PrivacyPulse provides a new approach to keeping your finger on the “pulse” of the industry. It curates news based on your specific interests, helping busy data privacy professionals receive the most topical and relevant information that drives their industry on a daily basis.

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