A simple but powerful tool to assist with Data Protection Impact Assessments

Ensure all new projects or processes are compliant

Under the GDPR, a DPIA is required where the data processing “is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons”. We provide the tools to simplify the process of conducting a DPIA.

Manage the process of a DPIA

There are a lot of moving parts in a DPIA. Our solution simplifies the process by enabling you to create custom questionnaires, respond to queries from the various stakeholders, manage risk, and generate the final DPIA Report.

Save time by using our pre-built templates

The feature includes prebuilt Pre-Screening and Full DPIA Questionnaire Templates for you to use and customize. Our templates even suggest risks based on the responses to the Questionnaires. And with our new DPIA Report Editor, you can now customize the look of the final report.

“PrivacyEngine™ offers a powerful suite of tools that every Data Controller should have access to. I’m using PrivacyEngine™ to manage the entire Data Processor and Controller process both internally and externally for our business.”
Carolyn Keogh / General Manager, Mail Metrics

Frequently Asked Questions

about Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) Software

What is Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) software?

DPIA software is a specialized tool designed to help organizations conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments, which are systematic processes to identify and address privacy risks associated with data processing activities. These assessments are required by data protection regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Why do businesses need DPIA software?

Businesses need DPIA software to ensure that their data processing activities comply with privacy regulations and minimize potential risks to individuals’ personal data. This software streamlines the DPIA process, enabling organizations to assess and mitigate privacy risks effectively.

How does DPIA software function?

DPIA software typically provides a structured approach to conducting assessments:

  • Identification: It helps identify potential risks and impacts of data processing activities on individuals’ privacy.
  • Assessment: The software guides the evaluation of the necessity and proportionality of data processing in relation to the identified risks.
  • Mitigation: Strategies for addressing risks are developed and implemented, ensuring that necessary measures are taken.
  • Documentation: The software assists in documenting the DPIA process, findings, and actions taken.

What are the benefits of using DPIA software?

Using DPIA software offers several benefits:

  • Regulatory Compliance: The software helps organizations meet DPIA requirements outlined in data protection regulations.
  • Risk Management: Privacy risks are systematically identified and mitigated, reducing the likelihood of data breaches and compliance issues.
  • Transparency: DPIA documentation demonstrates accountability to regulatory authorities and individuals whose data is processed.
  • Efficiency: The software streamlines the DPIA process, saving time and resources compared to manual assessments.
  • Continuous Improvement: Lessons learned from DPIAs can lead to improved data processing practices and enhanced privacy protections.

Is DPIA software necessary for all data processing activities?

While not all data processing activities require a DPIA, it is recommended for those that pose high risks to individuals’ privacy, such as large-scale processing of sensitive data or new technologies. Organizations should evaluate whether the processing activity meets the criteria for a DPIA as outlined in relevant data protection regulations.

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