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Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Training & Awareness

Create and manage training courses using our comprehensive and flexible Learning Management System (LMS). Our LMS covers all your data privacy & cybersecurity training needs, and tracks progress to evaluate awareness and engagement across your entire organisation.

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Staff and stakeholder awareness training should be seen as more than simply a tick the box exercise. For organisations to embed a culture of data privacy compliance, the right training processes need to be put in place.

Instill a culture of compliance

Build a data privacy-awareness culture across your organisation for ongoing compliance. Reduce your risk of fines and bad publicity. If your staff are trained, mistakes are less likely to happen.

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Game changing cybersecurity training

We empower individuals and organizations to become defenders against cyberthreats, which makes them the first line of defense against today’s increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals.

An integral part of GDPR Compliance Strategy has been based on the adoptation and support of PrivacyEngine. The professional service by PrivacyEngine provides us with the confidence that our business is well informed and supported.
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Frequently Asked Questions

about Data Protection Training provided by PrivacyEngine

What is Data Protection Training offered by PrivacyEngine?

Data Protection Training provided by PrivacyEngine is an educational program designed to help individuals and organizations understand and navigate data protection regulations, privacy best practices, and compliance strategies. The training aims to enhance participants’ knowledge of data privacy and equip them with the skills to manage data responsibly.

Why do individuals and organizations need Data Protection Training from PrivacyEngine?

Data Protection Training is essential for staying informed about ever-evolving data protection laws and regulations. It empowers individuals and organizations to effectively handle personal data, reduce risks, and ensure compliance with privacy requirements, safeguarding sensitive information.

What topics are covered in PrivacyEngine's Data Protection Training?

Data Protection Training from PrivacyEngine covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Data Privacy Laws: Participants learn about key regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and others applicable to their industry.
  • Privacy Principles: The training explains fundamental principles such as consent, purpose limitation, data minimization, and more.
  • Rights of Individuals: Participants understand the rights of data subjects, such as access, rectification, and erasure.
  • Data Breach Management: The training addresses protocols for handling and reporting data breaches.
  • Compliance Strategies: Participants receive guidance on developing effective data protection strategies.

How is the Data Protection Training delivered by PrivacyEngine?

The Data Protection Training is typically offered through a combination of online courses, workshops, webinars, and resources. Participants can access training materials at their convenience, enabling flexible learning to accommodate various schedules.

Is the Data Protection Training suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals?

Yes, PrivacyEngine’s Data Protection Training is designed to cater to a wide audience, including beginners seeking foundational knowledge and experienced professionals looking to stay updated on the latest developments in data protection. The training can be tailored to different skill levels and specific industry requirements.

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