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Record of Processing Activities Illustration

Record of Processing Activities Software

Use our Records of Processing Activity Log to record all the different ways in which you are using personal data. The platform self-critiques and identifies risks and maintains records based off the information you put into these logs.

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Data Breach Management

PrivacyEngine helps you to keep track of all the data breaches and incidents reported within your organisation and enables you to put a plan in place to respond to the incidents. Easily manage data breaches.

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Subject Access Request Solutions

PrivacyEngine contains a built in DSAR Platform. Our Data Subject Rights Log will help you record all requests from your Data Subjects and ensure that these requests are processed in a timely and efficient manner. We’re here to help with all things SAR.

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Data Retention Software

Figuring out the correct data retention period can be a daunting task. Through our partners, Filerskeepers, you can now confidently decide how long to keep your data. Get access to a searchable database containing over 220 countries and more than 210,000 data retention records.

Risk Management illustration

Risk Management Software

Using PrivacyEngines Data Privacy Platform to maintain a data protection risk register allows your organisation to identify and mitigate against data protection risks, as well as demonstrate compliance in the event of a regulatory investigation or audit.

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Handle Data Protection, GDPR and privacy queries and questions easily by speaking to PrivacyEngine’s data privacy experts. PrivacyAssist is a streamlined and dedicated support system.

Data Protection Impact Assessment illustration

Data Protection Impact Assessment Tools

Using PrivacyEngine’s new Data Protection Impact Assessment feature, organisations can ensure that their processing activities incorporate data protection by design and default from the outset. Run a complete DPIA workshop based with full automated reporting generation.

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Stay on top of your privacy programme


Privacy Management

Records of Processing Activities Icon

Record of Processing Activities

Easily create and maintain your Record of Processing Activities

Risk Management Icon

Risk Management Software

Manage & mitigate your Data Privacy Risks to prevent breaches


Data Protection Impact Assessment

Identify and mitigate against data protection risks arising from projects

Data Retention Icon

Data Retention

Accurately decide how long you can keep data and records

Data Subject Icon

Data Subjects Rights Log

Register & manage all subject access (and other) requests

Data Breach Icon

Data Breach Management

Register data breaches & incidents and manage the process involved

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Third Party Assessment

Mitigate risks which may be associated with 3rd party vendors

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Dedicated consulting support from our expert team across all pricing plans

Training & Awareness

Scholar Hat


Avoid breaches & cybersecurity attacks with engaging training

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The latest Privacy & Cybersecurity news in one easy to use feed