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As companies and organisations make workplace adjustments due to COVID-19, many DPO’s / Privacy Leads have contacted us to ask what steps can be put in place to help minimise the risk of a breach of data or worse still, of getting hacked from home.

The risks do increase as you all know when staff work from home. Most of us at home are relatively tech-savvy, with smart TVs, gaming platforms, and wireless routers commonplace. Some homes have many Internet of Things (IoT) devices installed which can add complexity to the challenge and vulnerabilities to the network.

Unfortunately, it is not generally the case that sufficient protections are in place to ensure that we are protected.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • a programme of work that Data Protection Officers’ (DPO’s ) / Privacy Leads can complete to help minimise the risk of a breach of data or worse still, of getting hacked whilst employees are working from home
  • suggestions to help their colleagues understand the dangers and remind them of their responsibility of managing personal data
  • setting up a training plan that issues all employees working at home with the full online cyber security awareness programme including the phishing quiz that will give you and your colleagues an opportunity to test if they can spot phishing emails

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