(WEBINAR ON DEMAND) International Data Transfer Agreement & Assessing 3rd Party Transfers

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The UK’s International Data Transfer Agreement (IDTA) is due to come into force on 21st March. Once approved, UK organisations who are exporting personal data will be able to use the IDTA to safeguards data transfers outside of the UK and EEA. A new Standard Contractual Clauses Addendum, based on the recent 2021 European Commission Standard Contractual Clauses, is due to be implemented alongside the IDTA. UK organisations will have a choice between the IDTA or the Addendum to safeguard their international data transfers.

This move by the UK ICO reflects several changes that have recently been introduced in the UK and the EU following the Schrems II decision. The frequency of these changes regarding how organisations manage and assess international data transfers is vitally important to any organization that may transfer personal data outside of the EEA and the UK.

What you’ll learn:


  • How the new IDTA impacts your organisation
  • What other transfer instruments are being introduced alongside the IDTA i.e., the Transfer Risk Assessment (TRA), Standard Contractual Clauses Addendum
  • How to ensure you have a robust process for assessing third party data transfers
  • How the new changes might impact your current due diligence process for international transfers
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