Webinar: Identifying Need For Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

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A DPIA helps support the identification of any potential high risks to data privacy when your organisation is planning new or revising existing processes or functionality, or to design actions to mitigate these risks. It is a useful tool to help organisations to demonstrate their compliance with data protection law. DPIA’s help with implementing Privacy by Design (PbD), as mandated by the GDPR- Art25.

A DPIA should be carried out as early as possible in the development life cycle – preferably at the ‘design’ stage. The DPIA should be completed before any processing of personal data is undertaken (as per the GDPR) and before any key decisions are made that will be difficult or costly to revisit or amend.

Should high risks be identified that cannot be mitigated against, it may be necessary for the Data Controller to consult with the Data Protection Commission prior to proceeding.  

Failing to carry out a DPIA correctly or failing to consult the competent Supervisory Authority, where required, will be considered substantial non-compliance.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • Criteria for determining when you should complete a DPIA as we move into a new norm of accelerated digital adoption with Data Protection Officers (DPO’s) / Chief Privacy Officers (CPO’s) / Privacy Leads managing privacy programmes when everyone is working from home as well as managing increased complexity within companies who need to ensure that they are building technologies that have Privacy-by-Design as a governing principle, and that also are for the good of individuals and not to their detriment
  • Implementing a solution with a live demonstration of how to use the questionnaire feature on PrivacyEngine™ to determine if a DPIA is required or not, how to set up an internal questionnaire (what should you ask?), how to send it to the correct Data Protection Champion or Data Protection Officer (DPO) (who should you ask?) and how to set up an internal review process (who should review it?).

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