Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS)

Outsource the role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) with PrivacyEngine DPOaaS.

Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS)  - What We Offer

  • Are you an organisation that needs to quickly put in place a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?
  • Are you seeking a professional with the skills to traverse legal understanding, technical knowledge, project management and the core communication skills to liaise with senior management?
  • Are you struggling to fill this gap today?

If so, PrivacyEngine can provide you with the solution. Our world class consultants are available to manage your DPO obligations today. We give you the best possible level of expertise, at an affordable operational cost, removing the headache of finding internal or external staff, with no guarantees of success.

Not only do we provide you with expertise, but we also deliver a coherent and workable privacy program, measured against specific KPIs based on our years of knowing what good looks like in our engagements throughout the globe.

And on top of this, we also bring our technology expertise, our Data Privacy Platform, as a mature tool to manage and improve your privacy program throughout the engagement and beyond.

So, not only do you get the best person for the job, but you get a measurable, quantifiable privacy program, out of the box.

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We give you Expertise, Technology, Collaboration and Compliance in one service


PrivacyEngine's consultancy team consists of some of the most experienced Data Protection practitioners available in the market. As an organization with years of knowledge and practical groundwork completed, we are best placed to provide you with a knowledgeable service, giving you the confidence that our know-how is amongst the best available anywhere in the world.

Our team possess multi-disciplinary skills, based on formal qualifications and cross sectorial experience, working with companies ranging from start-ups to global multi-nationals.

This level of experience is hard to find, in particular when it is embedded in practical problem solving, and business friendly understanding.

We know how to build a successful privacy program, and what is required to rescue a struggling one.

We bring confidence, structure and deliverable outcomes in ways only an experienced team could achieve.

We also understand, intimately, what a Regulator wants to see in a privacy program and know how to deliver on it. 

If you want the best, then don’t look beyond PrivacyEngine.


No privacy program can succeed without using smart technology to make a complicated challenge like this succeed.

Those who advocate Excel as a means of managing the body of work, truly miscalculate the complexity that underlines an area such as this, over time.

That’s why as, a technology company, we understand the secret to a successful privacy program is utilising technical solutions to deliver against critical use cases.

The GDPR mandates specific logs, and risk management be in place, as well as evidence of training, contracts and policies. Doing all of this is no simple task. It is a set of discreet, if overlapping, deliverables, each of which must be mindful of the business need as well as the compliancy requirement.

Our consultants are prolific in using our Data Privacy Platform , to manage all of these obligations. Only with our technology can you easily deploy a workable privacy program against each of the mandatory obligations of the GDPR.

In addition, we can measure the effect, identify the risks and create effective change management, all the while ensuring that your privacy program is succeeding and growing.

We can:

  • Manage all of your GDPR Logs whilst identifying risks out of your business processes, ensuring compliance through effective project management
  • Automate your Data Subject Access Request processes, through our platform, simplifying the time it takes to get the right personal data, redacted and returned to the individual who requests it
  • Manage training for your entire organisation through a single system
  • Operate a mature vendor management process, ensuring your ecosystem of third parties operate compliantly with your personal data stack
  • Conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments, as well as Legitimate Interest Assessments, through our platform quickly, maintaining visibility on detail and risks
  • Provide a reporting suite, to demonstrate compliance over time to senior management in a comprehensive way.

Doing all of this manually and via Excel is next to impossible with any degree of complexity behind your program, almost guaranteeing little or no progress.

Your investment in PrivacyEngine will ensure success and measurable outcomes through the most mature and sophisticated outsourced DPO model available.


No privacy program can succeed without the ability to interact with other business units. Ultimately, change and compliance delivery requires others in the organisation to engage, interact and take responsibility.

That is why PrivacyEngine is the expert at ensuring this collaboration  works smoothly and effectively.

Whether it is bringing other business functions along, by understanding their needs and ensuring compliance works for them, to calmly and confidently managing communication with senior management and boards, PrivacyEngine knows what needs to be done and how.

Privacy is also a multi-disciplinary endeavour and whilst our consultants are comfortable in the legal and business implementation arena, we know how to work with IT and Information Security experts, to ensure critical aspects of the Principles of the GDPR are implemented in the organisation’s technology as well.

But we don’t stop there. We also have the capability, using our Data Privacy Platform, to extend collaboration out into the broader workforce, whether by delivering training and answering practical questions in real-time.

Lastly, you can trust us to liaise with your third party suppliers, explain the compliance obligations which extend to them and ensure all necessary contracts properly reflect their privacy obligations.

We understand team work, why it matters and how to deliver on it.


It all boils down to one thing, being compliant. We understand what it takes to get there, and we have a proven model to make it happen.

Our approach is comprehensive, embedded within the mandatory obligations of the GDPR and years of experience on what good looks like for privacy programs.

As an example, the following is a set of measurable deliverables we will put in place for your organisation:

  • Baseline assessment of current Data Management practices
  • Data Management Risk Register
  • Third Party Contracts Review
  • Asset Inventory
  • Data Inventory
  • Inventory of Third Parties
  • Repository of Third-Party Contracts
  • DPIA Methodology
  • Formal Nomination of DPO to the Regulator
  • Decision of Main Establishment
  • Staff Training
  • Register of Processing Activity
  • Data Management Policies
  • Fair Processing Notices
  • Issue and Incident Management
  • Response to Individual Rights
  • Data Breach Management Protocols
  • Register of Data Breach Incidents
  • Succession Planning
  • Monthly DPO Status Report
  • PrivacyEngine's Data Privacy Platform

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