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Managing DPIAs using PrivacyEngines data privacy platform
Thursday 3rd November 2022
John Ghent
John Ghent
John is the Co-founder and CEO of...

Managing DPIAs using PrivacyEngines data privacy platform

A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) describes a process designed to identify risks arising from the processing of personal data and to minimise these risks as far and as early as possible. DPIAs are important tools for negating risk, and for demonstrating compliance with the GDPR.

Join PrivacyEngine CEO John Ghent, in a workshop style webinar, displaying our new DPIA feature in action.

Topics of this event will include:

  • Prebuilt Pre-Screening and full DPIA questionnaire templates.
  • Suggested risks based on the responses to the questionnaires
  • Create your own custom risks, these risks can then be published to your risk register
  • Customisable reports with the DPIA report editor.
John Ghent
103 Minutes

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