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Mobile Apps, the new Data Protection weak link; how to avoid the pitfalls

February 25, 2021 3:00 pm
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As more and more organizations deploy mobile Apps to support communications and engagement with customers, donors, and employees, what are the data privacy implications?

Join Gar Mac Críosta, COVID Tracker app Product Manager at the Health Services Executive, in conversation with John Ghent, CEO of PrivacyEngine, to learn how data privacy needs affected the design and implementation of the App.

We’ll explore the lessons learned in deploying an App that has been downloaded by over 1 million people, and how best to approach the challenges associated with using an App in your organization. The webinar will be followed by a brief Q&A. This is a must-see webinar for any organization looking to deploy an App for either internal or external stakeholder engagement.

Topics of this event includes:

  • How to approach the data protection challenges specific to organizational app usage and integration.
  • How you can use data privacy needs to inform app construction and utilization.
John Ghent PrivacyEngine CEO
41 Minutes

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