Leveraging the power of AI and open AI ethically and compliantly

July 20, 2023 3:00 pm
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Leveraged the power of AI and open AI ethically and compliantly

The webinar took place on July 20th, 2023, at 3 PM GMT.

The timely & topical webinar was hosted by Dr. John Ghent, CEO of PrivacyEngine. John had a PhD in Machine learning from Maynooth University and had published extensively on the topic of AI and pattern recognition.

John was joined by Dr. Maria Maloney, Senior Researcher and Consultant at PrivacyEngine. Maria had a PhD from Trinity College Dublin and was the Chief Privacy Officer for the COST Action, “Fintech and Artificial Intelligence in Finance.” She was also the Vice-Chair for the Artificial Intelligence Working Group of the European Confederation of Data Protection Organisations (CEDPO).

The webinar addressed AI and open AI from a data privacy & protection point of view. It covered AI from its background all the way through to executing it in your business and products compliantly and ethically. This was not purely theoretical – they had integrated AI in this manner in their own PrivacyPulse platform and documented exactly how they approached and completed its execution.

Topics of this event includes:

  • Introduction and background to AI Large Language Models & Neural Networks
  • The "Black Box" - how inputs create output without visible rationale
  • Challenges of AI from a Data Protection perspective
  • What do companies need to do if they are considering implementing AI into their products and companies?
  • AI inside PrivacyEngine's PrivacyPulse and how we ensured compliance
  • Questions & Answers
John Ghent PrivacyEngine CEO
60 Minutes

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