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Navigating The Minefield Of UK/EU Data Transfers Post Brexit

February 11, 2021 3:00 pm
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The dust is beginning to settle on Brexit!

This Webinar took place on 11th February 2021

In this webinar we discussed the real impact Brexit is having on EU/UK data transfers, and how to successfully navigate the issues. Presented by 3M’s Data Protection Manager, Hugh Jones, the webinar also covered the ‘additional safeguards’ outlined by the European Data Protection Board on foot of Schrems II, the designation of a lead supervisory authority, elected representatives, and what the changes mean for the location of your data protection officer.

Topics of this event includes:

  • The impact of Brexit on EU/UK data transfers.
  • How to best navigate the shifting legislative landscape
John Ghent PrivacyEngine CEO
50 Minutes

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