Protecting Data Privacy in an Artificial Intelligence driven world

June 25, 2021 3:00 pm
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This Webinar took place on June 25th 2021 at 3PM GMT

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) evolves, it presents itself with the ability to use personal information in ways that can intrude on the privacy interests of data subjects. The increase in the use of AI technology has meant that personal data is now everywhere.

AI applications can put data privacy at risk. The benefits of AI are well known but the risks and challenges often go unanalysed in applications.

The addition of the right tools to address privacy for data being used by AI systems is an important early step in adding trust into the AI equation. John Ghent, CEO and Co-founder of PrivacyEngine and Mike Morrissey, co-founder and CISO, discuss the impact that AI has had on global data privacy landscape and some approaches on how to deal with these challenges.

We will briefly step through some of the features of PrivacyEngine and show a privacy management platform can help.

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Topics of this event includes:

  • The basics of artificial intelligence and machine learning in relation to data protection
  • The technical aspects of machine learning and how it relates to data protection
  • The concept of deep learning and how it builds abstraction levels through a series of nets
  • The issue of explaining the decision-making process of AI systems
  • The law of unforeseen consequences that is frequently happening with AI
  • The two key takeaways about data privacy and AI/ML
  • The GDPR principles in relation to data privacy in an AI-driven world
  • The importance of data privacy in testing and training algorithms for AI
  • The need for legislation and regulation in the AI industry and how important it is to bundle AI systems into categories of unacceptable risk, high risk, and low risk
John Ghent PrivacyEngine CEO
45 Minutes

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