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Cyber Security Considerations:
Thursday 3rd November 2022
Mike Morrissey
Mike Morrissey
Mike Morrissey Is the co-founder and...

Cyber Security Considerations:

Our upcoming webinar is scheduled for November 22nd at 3PM.

Ninjio are one of the most exciting companies in the cybersecurity training market, utilizing Hollywood creatives to design engaging, story driven content. We will be chatting with Matt Lindley, CISO of Ninjio, to discuss his insights on what makes a truly award-winning cybersecurity training program.

Matt and his colleagues in Ninjio are easily one of the most innovative vendors in the cybersecurity market, with award-winning Hollywood writers and creatives helping to produce engaging content.

Their unique approach to learning is an evolutionary step in helping to spread and retain meaningful knowledge across any organisation. This webinar will be a genuine treasure trove for those looking to implement a gold standard cyber training program.

Topics of this event will include:

  • How cybersecurity training is evolving
  • The best approaches to implementing a training program
  • Quantifying risk and engaging with senior management/board
  • How to get colleagues engaged


Mike Morrissey
42 Minutes

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