Best Privacy Practices for Microsoft 365 – Empowering the DPO

January 25, 2024 12:00 pm
Thumbnail for webinar including Nollag Conneely and Mike Morrissey

Using Outlook? Teams? SharePoint? OneDrive? Then you are using Microsoft 365 and share responsibility for your company’s cybersecurity!

We’re excited to announce our next webinar. Hosted by PrivacyEngine’s own Head of Consultancy, Nollag Coneely and our CISO, Mike Morrissey. This is an empowering session!

This open conversation will enable & equip you, as the privacy representative of your company to ensure that your Microsoft Office 365 is aligned with privacy best practice.

We touch lightly on some of the technical pieces and how you can speak with your I.T teams, Oversight Groups/Committees & Leadership Teams more effectively on things like cyber security controls, governance, administration, MFA, conditional access & BYOD.

Why Register?

You will come away from this webinar feeling more confident on why and how to ensure Microsoft 365 privacy best practice in your organisation.

Topics of this event includes:

  • Real stories from the industry where 365 compliance was not prioritized
  • How this ties into NIS2 & ISO
  • What are the minimum requirements - International Microsoft Standards
  • A guide to execute with internal or external teams to ensure that your 365 is implemented security
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60 Minutes

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