Mail Metrics offers a wide range of document solutions services to meet business requirements, in the context of today’s highlighted key market challenges and regulatory controls. Back office administrative services such as data processing, printing, inserting, scanning, storage and retrieval can drain resources. Mail Metrics managed services model lets businesses offload large data projects and back office administration duties while retaining control over quality and keeping costs low. Mail Metrics ISO27001 certification fosters trust and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to safeguarding data!


Remaining consistent with their commitment to, and their desire to continually improve on the organisations’ high standards, ‘Mail Metrics was looking for a complete solution as to how they can manage their GDPR project successfully and organically where possible It is one thing to make plans for ‘Data Protection’ but you have to ensure that these plans work their way into the daily routine of all employees. Plans that can evolve and mature along with advances in processes and IT.


PrivacyEngine™ was deployed and from there Mail Metrics have been able to roll out ‘Data Protection’ training throughout the workplace which ensures that those plans that were made can become reality. Policy templates were amended to become bespoke for our organisation, being able to rely on the PrivacyEngine™ Consultants to review and make recommendations where needed or to simply answer ‘Data Protection’ questions in a timely fashion gives us a degree of comfort that support is there when needed. Being able to share these policies with the right people in the workplace is key to encouraging people to fully get behind our GDPR project.


Data Protection is an evolving environment that needs continuous support to help clarify the muddy waters of the GDPR. PrivacyEngine™ has been of an integral part of this happening within Mail Metrics giving our valued clients and employees the reassurance that we take our responsibilities seriously and will continue to strive to maintain the very high standards that sets Mail Metrics apart from its competitors.

PrivacyEngine™ offers a powerful suite of tools that every Data Controller should have access to.


“PrivacyEngine offers a powerful suite of tools that every Data Controller should have access to. I’m using PrivacyEngine to manage the entire Data Processor and Controller process both internally and externally for our business. The advice and support from the guys is fantastic, having someone to ask that tricky question to is a godsend.”

  • Carolyn Keogh
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  • General Manager, Mail Metrics