hush are an independent women’s fashion and lifestyle brand with a modern laidback sense of style, an easy-going attitude and a positiveoutlook on life that reflect their antipodean roots.
Founded in 2003 by Mandy Watkins, an Aussie so traumatised by her first experience of a northern hemisphere winter that she started her own label to provide her with a wardrobe to wear during those long cosy nights at home hibernating/escaping from the British weather.


As a growing company with repeat customers and followers from around the globe we needed a straightforward approach to data protection that would take this into account. Sustainability, loyalty and working together are not just words to ‘hush’ they are a way of life for us. For us to ensure that we can continue to grow our brand and our following we needed to find a data protection solution that was going to take some of the heavy lifting and guide us through the maze that is the GDPR and Data Protection. Our team represents a big part of our success so we needed something that would include them on our journey in strengthening our controls and improve on our commitment to our existing and new clients.


After looking into our options, we decided on PrivacyEngine. With each section of their platform leading into the next section the ease of use has improved buy in and understanding. Risks can be identified through the use of the system and then we can work on reducing these risks and even closing them off. Where we felt that we needed support we could ask questions and get understandable answers that meant that we could strengthen our policies and even request for them to be reviewed. By sending out the pre-loaded training modules the whole team has been included and even created internal discussions on how we can continue to protect our customers data along with our own.


An improved coherent data protection practice has been implemented through the use of PrivacyEngine and due to the inclusion of the whole team and using the admin rights to protect the specific features and information to the correct internal layers we have been able to use this focus to add a real business value and return for our subscription.


“PrivacyEngine’s data privacy platform is an easily manageable and direct response to GDPR, it allows us to collate all relevant data protection information in one cloud-based location. The platform functionality is constantly being reviewed and improved to keep up with current needs. It is effortless to navigate through the site and to use all the tools provided. It has proven to be a necessity in how hush manage and shape our responses to GDPR and data protection queries.”

  • Channing Neale
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  • Office Manager, hush