HE Space is a leading contracting company specialising in providing managed services and human resources to the space sector. Contributing to every major European Space Program by employing space experts in fields such as engineering, science, operations, software development, and administration.

Collaborating with notable space organisations, new space start-ups, and major space companies: HE Space is an active member of the worldwide space family.

HE Space has founded a Children’s Foundation which provides global access to youth education and Trees 4 HE space which supports agroforestry projects throughout America and South Africa.


The current processes were managed through Excel spreadsheets, and monitoring progress over time was a difficult task. Plus, as a growing business, HE Space was looking for an affordable privacy solution to protect and grow their employee retention and instill a culture of trust and privacy throughout their organisation.

HE Space wanted to increase their staff’s data privacy awareness to protect and maintain relationships with space organisations and to further promote their employee’s professional development.


Phishing attacks became ubiquitous and increasing staff awareness quickly became a priority. PrivacyEngine offers an extensive library of training videos, which covers all your data privacy & cybersecurity training requirements, and more importantly allowed us to track progress to evaluate awareness and engagement across our entire organisation.

PrivacyEngine provides us with a space to log all our data incidents and save our data processor agreements. We made use of the vendor management tools, for questionnaires and general information.

We started to log our processing activities, together with my dedicated data champions which provided a full scope of the risks associated with our processing activities. We have a few online challenges, but once identified we address them. An excellent example is using the FilersKeepers add-on for researching retention periods over multiple jurisdictions.


Data Privacy is an advanced industry and PrivacyEngine has given us the tools to adapt and has met our changing business needs. We had, and still have, regular calls for questions, new features, feedback, etc. Every time we sent emails for support, the response was quickly answered with valuable solutions.

PrivacyEngine’s customisable, user-friendly, and cost-effective privacy program equips HE Space to continuously offer first-class HR support, uphold a passion for people and space, and lastly conduct business in a sustainably safe and practical way.

PrivacyEngine’s connected platform and expert consultants have laid the groundwork to assist our vision of becoming the market leader in the European space sector. PrivacyEngine’s dependable data privacy program provides a foundation HE Space upholds to instill trust and genuine care with employees and partnering organisations.


“We love PrivacyEngine! The fact that PE can be developed to meet our ever changing business needs is such a bonus. I received so much positive feedback from my colleagues about the training videos, especially NINJIO which is "like Netflix, but for privacy.”

  • Raluca Popescu
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  • Data Protection Officer