Certa emerges as a result of the successful merger of several prominent Irish energy brands. The company extends its services across various sectors, catering to the needs of commercial, industrial, residential, and mobility customers within its expansive operational reach

Established in 1986, Certa Ireland Limited has thrived over the past 37 years, showcasing a track record of sustained success in the dynamic energy industry.


To plan and implement an ongoing programme that would enable Certa Ireland to completely manage its Data Protection obligations while including all of its employees at the relevant stages of data processing.


By utilising the intuitive features of PrivacyEngine™ we have been able to make those plans and implement an ongoing Privacy Programme that includes all of our team.

The pre-loaded training modules are targeted at different levels of knowledge and the fact that we can create and upload our own documents and training is ideal for us as our business covers various locations throughout Ireland we can effectively assign training and create detailed reports on them.

With the Support feature going back to actual people and not just an automated response there is that added benefit / comfort that you can actually drill down to a level of detailed needed in order to understand and implement the recommendations made by PrivacyEngine™.


Since the adaption of PrivacyEngine™ Certa Ireland has been able to effectively improve on the organisations data protection policies and continually build on the organisations understandings of the GDPR which has added a real business value to the project and helps us to protect our clients and colleagues data.


“In the lead up to the its introduction, PrivacyEngine's Data Privacy Platform provided a highly detailed, yet intuitive, roadmap towards GDPR compliancy. Without PrivacyEngine's advice and support, we simply could not have completed the amount of work we did in the space of time we had. The continuing development of PrivacyEngine's ™ functionality provides ongoing value for money and the help and support from the team as issues arise in the course of business is invaluable.”

  • Ciaran Mangan
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  • IT Manager, Certa Ireland