Create detailed reports on the various aspects of work being completed through our Data Privacy Platform.

Get full visibility of your company usage of our Data Privacy Platform by automatically generating reports, in one simple click! The benefits include:

  • Keep track of your organisation's progress towards Data Protection compliance
  • Identify gaps in your organisation processes and procedures 
  • Easily access information to report to senior management

Reports are available on the following:

Policies: Receive a full overview of all your organisation's documents. Know what stage they're at, has it been reviewed and who has visibility of the document! You can also get a full detailed overview of all your organisation's third party agreements. 

Employees:  This is an overview of all your organisation's employee details; in terms of first name, second name, email, department, role, and their activity status on the platform. 

Risk Register: All of the risks that have been mitigated through the platform and details of each. This is a great way to ensure that all the risks are seen to and nothing is missed! Information such as: created date, its status, the impact its going to have on your organisation, its likelihood of occurring and what actions have been taken against the risk from reoccurring. 

GDPR Processing logs: Generate reports on your organisation's Data Processing Activities by categories of Data Subject, Data Controller log, Data Processor log and Data Processing Activities (suggested vs created risks). You can also also report on any Data Subject Requests received (year to date or this year vs last year) and Data Subject Requests resolved (year to date). 

Training: Know which of your employees has completed their training and who has not. You can also set deadlines for training to be completed which will show on the report. 

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Reports are a great way in measuring your organisation's progress towards Data Protection compliance!

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