Full Data Subject Access Request Functionality

PrivacyEngine integrates with selected partners for full data discovery. This is the only close to real-time solution available on the market at present.

Data Subject Access Requests are a daily challenge for many organisations. The time, effort and complexity involved can be daunting. Utilising technology to complete these requests is far from trivial, not least of all the need to do everything in a compliant and provable way.

That is why PrivacyEngine™ understands the legal and process related challenges, alongside the need to get to the data, directly. Our solution uniquely blends this approach, giving you the confidence that your searches are not only complete, but that the process you follow is compliant.

Built by privacy professionals with years of expertise, PrivacyEngine™ provides the best automated DSAR solution available in the market based on four key criteria: Intuitive, Collaborative, Complete and Compliant.

Automate DSARs – Intuitive Technology

Intuitive Technology

PrivacyEngine™ provides a simple, yet powerful, UI allowing you and your team to easily manage DSAR requests throughout the lifecycle, regardless of complexity and scale. Manage all your tasks, searches and reviews with no hassle or stress.

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Automate DSARs – Collaborative Technology

Collaborative Technology

Ensure all activities related to a DSAR are completed on-time. Assign actions to any member of your team with oversight. Maintain an eagle eye on all milestones and next steps, ensuring you are never caught out. Ultimately, stay ahead of the clock and manage your DSARs in the most efficient way possible.

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Automate DSARs – Complete Technology

Complete Technology

With PrivacyEngine™’s unrivalled Data Discovery capabilities, have confidence in knowing that your searches into the data layer itself will be accurate and thorough. Leverage our automated redaction functionality, customisable to your business rules, and provide a secure release to the Data Subject, all evidenced with unrivalled auditing, for completeness.

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Automate DSARs – Compliant Technology

Compliant Technology

Demonstrate absolute compliance in your DSAR process. Show smart integration with your Record of Processing Activities and maintain a complete log of all activities internally, as well as communication with the Data Subject throughout. Confidently know that when asked, you can show full engagement to a Regulator.

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Manage the entire workflow of a DSAR from reception to delivery of in-scope data, in a form which is easy to understand and simple to execute.

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