Dedicated Support

Access help and support through PrivacyEngine's technology platform.

Dedicated Support

As part of running any success programme, how the data protection team communicate and collaborate is essential.

Data Protection Support

PrivacyEngine provides one-to-one support from our experienced data protection consultants though our platform.

The platform allows you to configure support settings in how data protection related queries in your organisation are managed. Employee queries can be set to go to the Data Champions in their department, Data Champions can then respond or get help with the query from the Data Protection Lead of the organisation. The Data Protection Lead of the organisation has the option to respond to the query or to forward on to an experienced PrivacyEngine consultant for help.

We provide pragmatic responses to all your data protection queries and will work with you to ensure that your documents, policies and understanding are accurate and up to date.

Technical Support

Send any technical support questions or queries on using the platform to one of our technical support team. Free training on the platform is provided on purchase, the technical support channel ensures that you have ongoing help and support in using the platform.

Group Chat

The group chat feature allows you to communicate and collaborate with members of your data protection team.

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