Webinar: Beyond Training to Managed-Learning for Better Data Protection and GDPR Compliance

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Staff and stakeholder awareness training is as an essential element of Data Protection and GDPR compliance. For many organisations it is seen as a tick-box exercise rather than an opportunity for embedding a culture of privacy within organisation.

To achieve full compliance, and truly reap the benefits of greater stakeholder awareness and improved data management practices organizations should consider going beyond simple training to ‘managed-learning’.
In this webinar on demand, hosted by PrivacyEngine Data Protection Consultant, John Byrne ,you will learn:

• The essential aspects of stakeholder data-protection-awareness training needed for GDPR compliance.
• How going beyond training to ‘managed learning’ can embed a culture of privacy compliance within your organisation for long-term benefit, through better management and tracking of stakeholder education.
• How deploying learning management help ensures the GDPR remit is met through improved stakeholder training, documentation and audit.



WWOD: Beyond Training To Managed-Learning For Better Data Protection And GDPR Compliance

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