Data Privacy - Important Lessons From The Pandemic

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The pandemic has changed the way organizations process personal information associated with the health and welfare of its customers and workers. To protect the health of people, governments and institutions put in place restrictions on movement and mechanisms for health tracking and reporting. These mechanisms, including contact-tracing and self-reporting apps, some recording and transmitting personal health information, underscore the deepening importance of data protection and privacy in this crisis. During the pandemic government authorities and companies have had to balance two priorities—protecting public health and protecting personal privacy

PrivacyEngine CEO John Ghent and Inspire! CEO Denise Farnsworth discuss how sensitive personal information can be processed in compliance with health and privacy laws which seem to clash with one another.

This includes mitigating associated risks to help to ensure your product or service is compliant with applicable laws, or the safe return of your workforce to the workplace.

More specifically we will discuss specific risk mitigation tools such as:

  • Assessments;
  • regulatory consultation;
  • security;
  • role based restrictions;
  • data minimization;
  • purpose limitations;
  • and many other tools.

Data Privacy - Important Lessons From The Pandemic


Data Privacy - Important Lessons From The Pandemic WWOD

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