How to be an effective Data Protection Officer: The top 5 tips you can follow

October 7th, 2021 At 3.00PM (GMT) Register By Filling Out The Form

The role of DPO can often prove quite challenging for many. Finding the time to adequately execute the tasks and responsibilities is just one challenge. The DPO must also have access to all personal data processes and activities within the organisation, adding further complexity to the role.

Join us on this webinar and we will advise on how you can overcome these challenges and become an effective DPO. In this webinar we will cover:

• An introduction to the role of DPO and its context within the GDPR.
• Key responsibilities of the role including:
      o Monitoring your organisation’s data protection compliance.
      o Informing and advising your organisation on its data protection obligations.
      o Providing advice on DPIAs (data protection impact assessments) and monitoring their performance; and
      o Acting as a contact point for data subjects and the relevant supervisory authority
• Key challenges faced by DPOs and how they can be addressed.
• Options and best practice for filling the role of Data Protection Officer

How to be an effective DPO The top 5 tips you can follow (1)


How to be an effective DPO: The top 5 tips you can follow

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