PrivacyEngine™ GDPR Software

The easy-to-use data privacy and GDPR software for all your organisation’s Data Privacy compliance needs. We’ve put all our data protection experience and expertise into one software-as-a-service platform, to save you time and money when implementing and managing your data privacy compliance program.

Save Time & Money on Data Privacy Compliance

Organisations using PrivacyEngine can save between €10,000 and €50,000 annually by eliminating legal fees, in addition to slashing the amount of time spent performing essential data privacy-related processes. PrivacyEngine is a complete GDPR software as a service platform incorporating Data Privacy Management & Advisory, Data Privacy Training, and Vendor Assessment.

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Data Privacy Management & Advisory
Data Privacy Training
Vendor Assessment

Data Privacy Management & Advisory

 PrivacyEngine takes care of all your privacy management regulatory needs, including managing individuals’ rights, reporting data breaches and incidents, and tracking how your organisation processes, stores and secures personal data. It also provides direct access to our experienced data protection experts, via the platform, for up to the minute advice and consultation, to help you avoid fines and costly data breaches.

Data Privacy Training


Up to 80% of data breaches and data privacy violations result from lack of awareness or inadequate training. PrivacyEngine includes a Learning Management System and 100s of hours of engaging data-protection training for employee awareness, as well as professional training and certification for data privacy leadership.

Vendor Assessment


In our interconnected world, Vendors have become the second highest cause of data privacy and security breaches. PrivacyEngine’s Vendor Management capabilities include end-to-end vendor evaluation and risk assessment for on-boarding new vendors, and review of existing vendors, so you can reduce the risk of being exposed by something a third party Vendor does wrong.

PrivacyEngine, GDPR Software Features

Manatory logs

GDPR Mandatory Logs

Keeping compressive Records of Processing Activity (RoPA) is one of the tedious, but essential things you need to do for GDPR compliance. Authorities have already levied more than €5.5 million in fines for “Insufficient fulfilment of information obligations.” The PrivacyEngine Record of Processing Activity (RopA) Log records all the ways in which you use personal data, giving you peace of mind when it comes to GDPR compliance, with the added-value of identifying associated data protection risks.

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Document Managment

Document Management

Significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to prepare and document important data privacy policies. PrivacyEngine’s extensive library of policy templates covers everything from Clear Desk Policies to Data Breach Notification Procedures. You can use the Document Management templates to create tailored policies, or upload and manage your existing documents with our version-controlled approval process.

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Risk Management

Risk Management & Mitigation

With more than €65 million in fines already imposed for insufficient technical and organisational measures to ensure information security, identification and reduction of risk needs to be at the centre of your data privacy program. PrivacyEngine enables data privacy teams to quickly identify potential problems, and to cooperate across the organisation to fix the issues. We know where to look for risks, and include more than 1000 scenarios in or risk management engine to short circuit the process for you.

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Online Training

Learning Management & Training

Beyond basic compliance, training and awareness are the keys to avoiding costly data protection problems – and it’s not just an issue for employees, 52% of business leaders don’t know what to do in the event of a cyber-security attack, according to one recent study. The PrivacyEngine Learning Management System covers all your data privacy training needs, and tracks progress to elevate data privacy awareness and engagement across your entire organisation.

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Vendor Management And Questionnaires

Vendor Assessment

Remember, you’re responsible for the data, even when it’s processed elsewhere, so don’t risk being dropped in hot water by the careless actions of others. Quickly identify, manage and mitigate the significant data protection risks associated with third party vendors when they process personal data on your behalf. Start by asking the right questions using PrivacyEngine Questionnaire functionality to assess and select third party vendors that take data privacy as seriously as you do.

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Dedicated Support

Ask a Privacy Expert

Save thousands annually in reduced legal fees while ensuring you get the best data privacy, program, policy, and compliance guidance. Data privacy can be a complex business, and sometimes you just need help. PrivacyEngine’s expert team is available via the platform to answer your questions whenever you need advice and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

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Data Protection Impact Assessments

PrivacyEngine can cut the time it takes to conduct fully complaint DPIAs by up to 50%, which means faster project implementation and shorter time to value for your organisation. DPIAs are an essential component of GDPR compliance. Every time you embark on a new project that processes high risk & high volume personal data, you need to complete a full DPIA. They can be difficult and time consuming, but not with PrivacyEngine.

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Reports & Analysis

Automatically generate reports to track Data Protection program and usage of the PrivacyEngine platform. Need a report on data protection policy, GDPR logs or training usage? PrivacyEngine provides them all with a click of the mouse.

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Data Subject Access Request

Data Subject Access Request Management

Regulatory authorities have come down hard on organizations that fail to fulfil data subjects’ rights, imposing nearly €16 million in related fines. Don’t get caught out, PrivacyEngine includes full Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) functionality that’s recognized as the best on the market. It is intuitive, collaborative, complete and complaint.

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