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Free Training Course: GDPR Intro For Data Protection Officers (DPO’s)

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This on-demand training course with our Chief Privacy Officer, Hugh Jones will provide registrants with the basic overview of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and outline pragmatic suggestions on organisational, technological and procedural solutions to achieve compliance with this Regulation.

The course’s five recorded sessions will include the following:

  • Introduction, Context and Definitions within the Regulation
  • The GDPR Principles and Lawful Conditions
  • Individual Rights and the Role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Role of the Data Protection Commission and Enforcement 

Registrants and Learning Outcomes

  • Registrants are typically professionals who understand that their organisation needs to be compliant, but who seek clarification on the practical solutions that will satisfy the requirement.
  • You might be the nominated (DPO) for your organisation, or a senior decision-maker seeking to understand the nuances of the Regulation.
  • You might already be familiar with the various Rules and Rights from the preceding legislation and aiming to transition to compliance with the GDPR Principles.
  • It is helpful if registrants have a good understanding of their organisation’s data processing activities, through the life cycle from initial acquisition, through the various areas of processing and usage, to eventual removal or destruction. 

Learning areas include:

  • Explanation of some of the defined terms
  • Overview of the seven Principles of the Regulation
  • The Controller’s Accountability and Responsibilities
  • Documenting your Data Management Processes
  • Respecting and responding to Data Subject Rights
  • Planning and Preparation

To watch this on-demand training course, complete the form and we will send you a link to watch recordings of the sessions.

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