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Privacy and Security Training That Puts People First

We have partnered with MediaPro a globally recognised security and privacy training solutions provider, to offer all PrivacyEngineTM users its intuitive training content. The training content delivered on the PrivacyEngineTM platform is designed to empower your workforce to protect sensitive data and systems they use in their daily activities. 

The training videos are ready to watch on-demand and cover all the important security and data privacy topics your organisation needs to meet international data protection requirements. Whether you’re looking to more effectively demonstrate compliance, stop phishing attacks, or want a best-in-class security awareness program, MediaPRO makes workforce training fun, fast and  impactful.

The training covers all the most important security and data privacy topics your organisation needs to meet most common requirements. The training videos are ready to watch on demand, so you can watch them whenever suits you!

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Breakdown of the training:

Anti-Phishing Essentials (7 Minutes): What you need to know about phishing

  • How phishing scams work
  • The risk phishing poses to our organization
  • How to identify the warning signs of phishing attacks
  • How to handle a phishing scam

Find the Phish (4 Minutes):

  • How to recognize a phishing email

Advanced Anti-Phishing (5 Minutes): Identify and stop sophisticated phishing emails

  • How to spot phishing specifically designed to hook you
  • How elaborate phishing schemes work
  • The warning signs of scam business requests
  • How to identify fake URLs and email addresses 

Join the Security Team (3 Minutes): When security gets personal

  • The most common beliefs about security
  • How security incidents impact us
  • What risk is and how to manage it
  • Common causes of security incidents
  • How you can make security-conscious decisions

Making Your Remote Office Secure (8 Minutes): Remote office essentials

  • What you need to make remote workspace secure
  • How to work safely in public spaces

 Protecting Passwords and Accounts (6 Minutes): The secrets to strong passwords

  • How thieves access or steal data from accounts
  • How you can protect your accounts
  • What makes a strong password
  • How you can protect your passwords

Protecting Your Devices (5 Minutes): Simple practices to keep your digital devices secure

  • The risk in using electronic devices
  • All about firewalls, antivirus, and software updates

Reporting Security Incidents (5 Minutes): When security is on the line

  • What’s a security incident or data breach
  • How incidents occur
  • Why it’s important to report immediately
  • How to spot situations or events that might be incidents
  • What to do when you see an incident

Simple Security Habits (5 Minutes): How to create a safe and secure workspace

  • Where to find sensitive information and sources in our workplace
  • Good security habits to practice every day
  • How to prevent unauthorized access

 Staying Safe When Texting and Talking (4 Minutes): What to do when scammers call

  • How phone and texting scams work
  • The signs of a SMS or text-based scam
  • How to know when a call is a scam
  • The best way to foil a phone or text scam

Stopping Social Engineering Scams (6 Minutes): Staying ahead of scammers

  • How social engineering scams work
  • The damage caused by social engineering
  • Ways scammers manipulate us
  • How to spot the clues
  • What to do when someone tries to scam you

The Value of Data (5 Minutes): Data makes the world go ‘round

  • The value of data
  • How to classify data types
  • How access is granted

Privacy Modules:

How to handle Personal Data (5 Minutes): What you can do to keep personal data safe and secure

  • How we store personal data
  • How to share data securely
  • When and how to destroy personal data

It’s About Trust (7 Minutes): Getting privacy right

  • What we mean when we say “privacy”
  • The importance of getting privacy right
  • Uses and consequences of personal data
  • Your privacy responsibilities

Making a Commitment to Privacy (5 Minutes): Privacy is more than rules

  • How to be fair and transparent
  • Why we limit the data we collect
  • The importance of being accurate
  • The importance of integrity and accountability 

Privacy Rules and Regulations (4 Minutes): Protecting privacy here and around the globe

  •  Our approach to privacy laws
  • What about privacy is most regulated
  • What privacy regulations matter to us

Reporting Privacy Incidents (4 Minutes): Speak up to protect privacy for all

  • What is a privacy incident or privacy breach
  • Info about data breach notifications
  • The importance of reporting incidents right away
  • How to spot privacy incidents

What Makes Data Personal (3 Minutes) Let’s get personal

  • The different types of personal data
  • What counts a sensitive personal data
  • Advanced ways we can keep data confidential