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Why PrivacyEngine Matters

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A number of years back a team of technologists and business operations professionals came together, pooling their shared knowledge on pragmatic Data Protection implementation, and created Sytorus. Our primary aim was to bring to market a unique set of skills, honed through various Enterprise and SME experiences, where reputational risk, related to non-compliance with Data Protection, could be identified.

For the last number of years Sytorus' consultants have worked with a plethora of Irish and international organisations, in the public and private sectors, to identify these reputational risks, and to implement solutions to ensure that data protection breaches were not just mitigated, but that best practice in data management could be used to drive business value and market advantage.

We recognised that the methodologies we have successfully developed around assessments, implementation and training, could be translated into an online product.

Thus, PrivacyEngine was born.

This is the first step in a long, innovative journey which we will take to ensure that we are bringing to the market meaningful solutions which will help all sized organisations drive better data protection compliance across their processes, without ever feeling that it is a headache or cumbersome.

Our first step covers the three primary starting points for any organisation wishing to get to grips with Data Protection:


1. Knowledge:

Those responsible for ensuring Data Protection is embedded in the organisation, need someplace to go where they can quickly and easily get access to simple, and direct content, that answers real world problems in this area. We believe PrivacyEngine is the best source for this type of material.


2. Communication:

Everyday, peculiar questions get raised around Data Protection in the workplace. These questions are sometimes technical, or complex, based on how your organisation conducts its business, and needs to be answered by those who not only know the law, but have the necessary technical and business skills to understand the problem. This is the purpose of the real-time Data Protection Officer online chat service.


3. Training:

The vast majority of breaches are caused by staff, unwittingly. The most effective way to mitigate this risk is to train them, frequently, on Data Protection. Our online module is designed to easily allow you to quickly train up to hundreds of staff online, and to equally rapidly assess the effectiveness of this training.

So, we believe that this first step can benefit every organisation, and will help you begin the process of ensuring you are on top of an area that is only growing in importance and implication.

We also have some very exciting additional products which we will be making available though PrivacyEngine, over the next 12 months, designed to support compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, as well as driving better, measurable, standards, so stay in touch with us!