PrivacyEngine and Inspire! Join Forces to Provide Platform-based Data Privacy Officer as a Service Offering in the US Market

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    Dublin, Ireland – 19/01/2021: Data protection management software leader PrivacyEngine (formerly Sytorus), have teamed-up with US based privacy consulting group Inspire!, to offer outsourced Data Privacy Officer (DPO) services to US-based organisations. The new DPO as a Service (DPOaaS) offering combines authoritative advice from Inspire!’s team of privacy experts with PrivacyEngine’s practical data privacy management platform.  

    “Data privacy has moved center stage, as a growing number of US states adopt legislation similar to California’s CCPA and CPRA, and the US Federal Government works to address issues associated with cross-border data transfers. This new reality means organizations large and small need to learn new skills and implement new technology designed to have minimal impact and enhance day-to-day business operations. Compliance with applicable data privacy law is complicated and resource intensive. A proactive approach focused on laying a solid, agile foundation will help businesses flex as the data privacy landscape shifts. This new collaboration between PrivacyEngine and Inspire! is designed to address that demand in a unique way,” said Denise Farnsworth CEO & Founder, Inspire!.

    “Bringing together Inspire!’s deep expertise in US and International data privacy law and practice, with PrivacyEngine’s tried and trusted data privacy management platform, we can offer US-based organisations the best in skills and technology to address data privacy compliance issues on a global scale,” said John Ghent, CEO PrivacyEngine.

    PrivacyEngine and Inspire!’s DPOaaS provides organisations of all sizes with outsourced access to the latest data privacy skills and technology. It is a flexible service offering, that can be tailored to meet the practical data privacy compliance needs of any organisation, including: baseline gap analysis, risk assessment, global privacy program development and implementation, personnel training, data inventory and records of processing activities, privacy and data protection impact assessments, and third-party vendor management.

    About PrivacyEngine

    PrivacyEngine™ (formerly Sytorus) is the leading GDPR & Data Protection solution provider for organisations in retail, hospitality, not for profit, medical/ clinical research, financial services, local government, and governmental agencies. With our software as a service data privacy compliance platform, expert data-protection consultants, and real-world implementation experience, PrivacyEngine simplifies and accelerates the delivery of sustainable GDPR compliance programs.

    Since 2013, PrivacyEngine has implemented Data Protection programs for hundreds of clients. Providing technology, practical solutions, training, strategy and advice that go beyond compliance to deliver real business value including preventing data breaches, improving brand values and strengthening business growth.

    About Inspire!

    Inspire! Privacy and Security LLC is a US based company focused on helping clients develop substantive knowledge and soft skills in an extraordinary environment where clients develop and implement global privacy programs alongside privacy and data protection experts who meet Inspire!’s substantive and experiential standards.

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