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Free Data Protection training videos - now available.

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We have recently updated our online resource, PrivacyEngine, with hours of training videos. These videos which are broken up into digestible short videos cover all the fundamentals of data protection. Some areas covered are;

  • Data Quality – We set out how the legislation requires organisations to ensure that the data is kept as accurate as possible in order to achieve the objectives for which it is held. 
  • Data Processor Contracts – The Data Protection legislation is a bit unhelpful regarding the Data Processor contract obligation; we provide an overview of what needs to be considered.
  • Appropriate Data Processing - Rules 2, 3 and 6 of the Irish Data Protection legislation set out the criteria for acceptable and appropriate use of personal data. We cover these in this video.
  • Safe and Secure – Assuming that a Data Controller has acquired the personal data in a lawful and compliant manner, the ongoing security of that data becomes a constant challenge. We take a look this requirement in this video.
  • Terms and Definitions – The Data Protection Acts use some specific terms and references. It is important to understand these definitions, in order to appreciate the focus of the legislation.
  • Acquiring information – While all eight of the Data Protection Rules have equal weighting under the legislation, it has been argued that getting Rule 1 correct is critical to compliance. We walk you through this process in this video.
  • Subject Access Request – we take a look at the process by which an organisation should respond to a Subject Access Request.

In addition to these videos, we also provide a comprehensive 20 minute video which provides an introduction to the data protection legislation. 

So how do I get access to these videos?

All you have to do is go to and signup for a free trial. Once you’re signed up, simply search our extensive library using the search text box, shown below.
Free Data Protection training videos - now available.

As an example, say I want to know more about data processor contracts, I can search for this as shown below.

Free Data Protection training videos - now available.

From the results we can see that it returns, among other results, a template data processor contract and a video explaining what you need to consider when creating these contracts.  If you are just interested in the videos, you can filter by these by selecting the Videos filter. Simply click the video to play it, sit back and relax while you are brought up to speed on how to manage one of the fastest growing assets in the world, personal data.

Free Data Protection training videos - now available.

If there is a data protection challenge that you would like us to cover, please let us know at and we will be sure to cover it in our next upload of content.