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Announcing the Data Protection Capability Maturity Framework

Read full post: Announcing the Data Protection Capability Maturity Framework

Sytorus in partnership with the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) have launched the world’s first comprehensive Data Protection Capability Maturity Assessment. 

What is a Data Protection Capability Maturity Assessment you ask?

This framework is the product of an intensive research program conducted by senior IVI researchers, Data Protection practitioners from renowned organisations and Sytorus over the past year. It is a comprehensive tool which takes the complex area of data protection and through a series of structured assessments describes an organisation's data protection capability with a score between 1 and 5. The higher the score the more mature the capability.

To mark the release of this framework we are conducting the next level of research, and providing organisations with an opportunity to get involved. We have completed two such assessments this week so far and are looking actively looking for organisations to get involved now.  
Participation consists of:

  • 5+ relevant people completing an online questionnaire (approximately one hour)
  • 2-4 people being interviewed by a Sytorus data protection specialist.
  • Assessment of Maturity across all headings being compiled, and a report along with prioritised recommendations being presented in a Workshop environment.

Finally (when all of the organisations have been assessed) the anonymised findings will be aggregated, analysed and published to participants – each participant will also receive a benchmark analysis showing how they compare to the overall sample.

Numbers will be limited to 100 assessments so anyone interested in this initiative please get in touch now. 

What are the Benefits?

  • You will obtain an independent, objective view on your organisation’s capability of being compliant with current and future Data Protection legislation (both EU and worldwide) without excessive limitations on your use of data to improve customer reach and services.
  • Many participants will gain a greater understanding of existing and impending Data Protection requirements and considerations.
  • You will learn how your organisation compares in respect of all key areas against other participants.
  • You will receive prioritised, achievable recommendations for improving capability.
  • Positive results (and even participation) can be used to increase trust in your organisation.

What are the Deliverables?

  • Findings presented in workshop format
  • Assessment report to include maturity assignments across all key areas, observations, and recommendations (sample available on request)
  • Benchmark report containing aggregate maturity ratings of entire survey and (if applicable), direct peer group.