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Being able to manage all of our privacy programme in one place on PrivacyEngine™ has given us the direction that we were looking for.


Source is a recruitment agency who specialise in permanent, freelance and contract roles in creative, digital and media and tech industries.
The Mission at Source is simple, “To be the Recruitment company of choice.”
Source was created because they wanted to do recruitment right. Taking the time to know and understand their clients and candidates. Being honest and advising what’s right in the long-term, not just for right now, bringing recruitment back to what it should be: a consultative role, passionately carried out with skill, by highly-trained consultants.



Being at the very heart of prospective employees and the varied organisations that are looking to view these individuals and hopefully select a candidate for placement we looked at the best possible way to manage and learn more about our responsibilities in protecting our clients data and building on our compliance levels.

Our own employees / team share the ethos of the company’s vision and objectives and we wanted to find the most comprehensive yet user friendly system so that it integrates with our current programmes.



Being able to manage all of our privacy programme in one place on PrivacyEngine™ has given us the direction that we were looking for.

From updating our policies and having the ability to have them reviewed by experienced consultants has helped us immensely as it has given us the ability to dedicate our time to our teams and very valued clients whilst PrivacyEngine™ takes care of the heavy lifting part of the exercise.

Again, being able to rely on the expertise of the consultants on the other side of PrivacyEngine™ to answer our GDPR questions and to break down explanations is a timely and secure way of discussing issues and getting the guidance required.



Since implementing PrivacyEngine's Data Privacy Platform we have brought across our existing policies and procedures and by using the various admin levels we have been able to share the appropriate documents with the appropriate individuals in a secure environment.

Our knowledge on the GDPR and what is happening with other relevant bodies is increasing and the guidance received from PrivacyEngine has allowed us to implement a structured privacy plan that we can confidently build on and keep our teams and clients best interests at the heart of what we our aiming to achieve as a company.

Really positive experience using PrivacyEngine™

We have had a really positive experience using PrivacyEngine™ especially expertise of the consultants to answer our GDPR questions very quickly!

Office Manager, Source


Staffing and Recruitment

Posted on

March 11th, 2020

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